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San Diego State University - Minds That Move the World

Department of Aerospace Engineering & Engineering Mechanics

College of Engineering, San Diego State University

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The Department of Aerospace Engineering & Engineering Mechanics at San Diego State University is not only a unique department at San Diego State University, it is also one of only 50 aerospace programs in the United States. The Department excels in research and teaching in traditional and modern Aerospace Engineering. It has exceptional facilities, like state-of-the-art low speed and high-speed windtunnels and water tunnels, and large computer clusters. Principal areas of research activity include aerodynamic design, computational aerodynamics, jet and rocket propulsion, fundamental fluid dynamics and structural design and optimization. The Department enjoys strong connections with the large, local aerospace industry in San Diego, including Northrop Grumann, General Atomics, Lockheed Martin, Solar Turbines, and Navair. Alumni of the department have proven that students completing the aerospace engineering degree are well-rounded engineers, who are successful in today's industries.